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Narrowing The Gap With Each Deployment Journey To Your Best Work Line By Line

10/8/2021 3:38:08 PM

In between the lines of your code, there’s a gap. It’s the difference between your work and what you think could be your best work. There’s only one way to close that gap —shipping. Take it from Ira Glass, shipping consistently is as much an art as it is a tool for improvement. This issue of the Developer Digest celebrates the developers deploying their ideas and honing their craft.

We’ve got pro-tips for your foray into mobile, friendly tips for building IoT-powered lights in the style of Stranger Things, a profile on the 13-year-old developer flying autonomous drones and a whole lot more.

Getting Started with Autolayout for iOS in Xcode 8

You’ll finally learn what that one weird button does (and how to ship mobile apps faster).
“Enhance The Image! Enhance... Enhance...Enhance...”

The tech of hacky-crime dramas made real by training neural networks to hallucinate using Python.
Droplet Tagging Is Here

They’re like gloriously simple post-it notes on all of your production applications.
More Horsepower Under the Hood of Your TwiMLets

The new TwiML Templates let you set up SMS forwarding, runtime customization, and whatever else your heart desires —straight from a TwiML bin.
Code from the Upside Down

The lights! The lights! They’re talking! Oh, that’s because you texted them. While you’re waiting for #barbgate to be settled, build the talking lights from Stranger Things.
The 13 Year Old Programming Autonomous Drones

He opted to program drones to take flight commands via SMS because the whole autonomous rally car thing had been done before. Meet (and learn from) wunderkind Tanmay Bakshi.

Whether you measure distance in tabs or spaces, we hope the distance between you and your best work is shrinking. Each commit, fork, error message, table flip, celebration, and deploy gets you that much closer to narrowing the gap. We’ll be here to celebrate that journey.

Have a project, tutorial, feedback, or a tasty bit of news you want featured in this Digest? Let us know! Email your submissions to community@twilio.com.

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Cloudy Move is more than just a page builder Cloudy Move is more than just a page builder Cloudy Move is more than just a page builder Cloudy Move is more than just a page builder

Cloudy Move offers everything you need

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